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MX240 3D Universal Edge Router

SDN ready MX240 3 d general edge router for many service providers and enterprise application provides high performance, reliability and scalability, including commercial and residential broadband service and large capacity data center network interconnection.

only five MX240 frame unit (u) is a compact modular platform, providing 1.92 -tbps system capacity.It can support both high density of 10 gbe, 40 to 100 gbe gbe and interface, as well as the traditional SONET\/SDH, ATM and PDH connection.MX240 also supports advanced timing function and the Junos Fusion technology and deep bo exchange network of the cluster technology, helps to simplify network design and operation.

high-performance MX240 contain highly scalable routing, switching, security, and service functions, to support revenue generation applications, network integration and service integration.Key features include: support for a wide range of L2 \/ L3 VPN services and advanced broadband network gateway function, and support integrated routing, switching and security services.

mx240 by Junos OS and programmable provide technology support for any partial or chipset, deployed in key business service providers and enterprise network, the global can help network operators to realize network and business transformation, thereby booming in the highly interconnected world.]Characteristics, bodyCap: 3,


SDN gateway

with SDN controller based on standard (such as Contrail cloud platform) seamless integration, makes MX240 SDN gateway between the physical and virtual network elements.Save a space,


has great capacity and density in terms of the size, superior efficiency to meet various application requirements.

service integration of

integrated service, including the operator level state of NAT (CGNAT), firewall and deep packet inspection, to cope with the most extensive application requirements and implement efficient network and service integration.

as a

operator level architecture by Junos OS support high redundant Yu Pingtai, MX series can provide sustainable operation reliability in large scale and high performance.




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