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Next Generation Firewall Services Juniper Networks

organizations are masking detection and damage prevention and who have developed new vulnerabilities cybercriminals to a military competition.These networks are very effective against, nurtured a billions of dollars worth of business.To buyers in this industry, the network hacker auction enterprises intellectual property rights, can obtain the highest price.Ahead of the continuing escalation of security solutions to protect your business personnel, data and infrastructure is essential.

juniper firewall (NGFW) next generation service offers all kinds of network defense, for use in this challenging environment to reduce your attack surface.Based on the SRX firewall, NGFW service to insure the safe operation of the key applications, and prevent senior malware to your network.Our security services on all the SRX platforms are available, it can reduce the attack surface, and prevent cybercriminals defense organization.

NFGW risk identification application service component Juniper AppSecure is a set of services, can provide depth in your network application visibility and control:

apptrack can identify the application on the network, evaluate the security risk and response to the user behavior.The context information can help you understand what the application allowed and may face the risk.AppFW provided based on the strategy implementation and control, thereby blocking access to high-risk application and implementation of user defined strategy.Application of bandwidth usage report provides insight, you can adjust the enterprise did not approve any application traffic.

defense of network attack

juniper network intrusion Prevention system (IPS) and Sky Advanced -- kyoui Prevention (ATP) together to provide comprehensive Threat detection and to use the Internet as a medium of known and unknown threats against attack.These functions can be instant defense malicious software.Continuous monitoring of new attacks and vulnerabilities can keep the latest protection.System can be instant inline intercepted before damage to the threat of the client and server systems.

against malicious software

although modern cybercriminals prefer all-inclusive technology in today's complex, but also has not given up the embedding of malicious software based on the signature of the virus and E-mail this effective method based on capacity.Using real-time protection and SRX platform integration, intelligence and the machine will be based on the reputation of the cloud processing perfect combination, to provide the safety light fast.

web browsing defense in

on the network is full of fraud, the fraud to allow unwitting users click on malicious links senior may install malicious software.The attacker by tricking users with user credentials, destroy the website on a regular basis.Juniper networks and Forcepoint cooperation against such attacks URL filtering.This service is continuous and real-time update in the world, to provide users to prevent damage of the latest global malicious URL database.To avoid unauthorized access and use the


in the enterprise each user must be able to access some applications to perform a specific task.But if you allow users access its responsibilities beyond the range of the company resources, may make the insider threat.

our users firewall service with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and the lightweight Directory access protocol (LDAP) is tightly integrated, limiting the use of each user of the application.Therefore, you get to the user to define the application of character segmentation and network usage visibility and control, to support secure access to authorized application.


senior application visibility and control,

no matter use what ports, protocols, and encryption, you can identify the network running on the application.This visibility allows you to the SRX firewall instant inline intercept hidden applications.

nested application supports

you can accurately identify embedded in a common network protocol (such as HTTP or HTTPS traffic) in the application.This function also provides hidden inside the encrypted SSL traffic application visibility and fine control.

based on the user and the role of strategy

closely integrated with Microsoft active directory and LDAP allows you to set up and implement the security policy based on users and roles.Policy Settings easier and safer because reduced by considering such factors as the position of the user, IP address and the number of strategies need to be.

SSL testing

SRX firewall perform inline decryption and inbound and outbound secure sockets layer (SSL) connection detection can provide the visibility of the threat of SSL encryption flow to embed and defense.

junos OS

with juniper networks operating system integration integrating and optimizing the service about the SRX device, so as to realize the maximum extension.




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