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NorthStar WAN SDN Network Controller Juniper Networks

to control spending, network managers need to transition to a more efficient mode of operation.NorthStar controller is a powerful and flexible tool sets, can help you achieve this goal.This flow optimization WAN software defined network (SDN) controller performance on the list of industries provide a large service providers and enterprise network IP\/MPLS flow fine-grained visibility and control ability.You can use it to monitor remote sensing data, so as to optimize your infrastructure.Planning tool use based on user-defined constraints of global view helps you to dynamically create explicit routing path.

wan SDN controller can automatically create traffic engineering path in the network, improve the network utilization and realize the customization of programmable web experience.Junos OS, WANDL optimization algorithm and the transmission to extract the features, NorthStar controller can provide efficient design.NorthStar collecting Junos IP\/MPLS analysis data, to control and visibility to ascend to a new level, help you avoid bear with high cost.

northstar controller allows a target to perform real time and dynamically adapt to customer demand driven by service capacity upgrade.To this end, the controller can provide:

0-3 layer comprehensive network planning, capacity and topology analysis.Based on standard runtime traffic engineering, applicable to conform to the path computation element (PCEP) and the source of network packet routing (SPRING)\/block routing of the router.Graphical, programmable REST API, support by custom integration into the existing network operators.

juniper networks professional services to help JumpStart service for the initial implementation and configuration of NorthStar controller.For more information, please read JumpStart product introduction.

northstar controller using Java.Java is a trademark in the Oracle.Function of

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with industry-leading network optimization algorithm, the complex web of inter-domain path calculation and provide optimization services.

multiple user defined limit

solve multi-level optimization, in order to avoid resource distribution.

path of sorting and synchronous

provides all of the routing instructions path in the network elements of specific sorting and synchronization.

global network view

provides a global view to conduct a comprehensive network state monitoring, management and active planning.

predictability, deterministic network status

small by calculation error is within the scope of predictability, deterministic network status, help you to demand forecasting.




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