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OCX1100 Open Networking Switch

ocx1100 consists of the Open Compute Project (OCP) composition among foundation support Open network switch.It is designed for use of data from the actual mass center customer environment designed large cloud building enterprise innovation.

ocx1100 combines the powerful features of the Junos operating system software, is based on the business sale, exchange of open source hardware components to build cloud optimization.OCX1100 the OCP submit design, can assure consistent customer run open hardware platform.

by providing a single source solution, OCX1100 provides the open hardware design of the economic advantage, but also provides other white box solution usually don't have good support and reliability.

ocx1100 within a compact 1 U platform provides 48 small pluggable and enhanced pluggable (SFP)\/SFP +) transceiver port and six four-channel SFP + (QSFP +) port, designed to want to use the open source hardware platform, but don't want to sacrifice the performance, reliability, or support cloud builders and design.OCX1100 converge throughput per switch can reach 1.44 -tbps or 1.08 Bpps, is an ideal high density mass deployment of layer 3 Clos tank top solution.]Characteristics, bodyCap: 4,


cloud optimization solution

cloud optimization solution for attaches great importance to the Junos OS the simplicity and reliability of the large-scale cloud deployments to provide economic efficiency and the exchange of open source.

open architecture based on open architecture open computing platform (OCP) composition among design specification, allows customers to use open source hardware design community.Single source solution for

juniper networks provide exchange platform and operating system at the same time, so just a vendor can provide software and hardware support, eliminate the risk of the customer's integration and support.

cloud consistent operating environment optimization OCX1100 switches on Junos OS operating environment of the agreement has been used in other parts of the network juniper network switches, routers, or safety equipment customers of the learning process.




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