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PTX10000 Series Packet Transport Routers Juniper Networks


ptx10000 router will operating efficiency as the key design principles, can solve grow along with the network traffic and affect the service provider operating budget power, space and weight problems.PTX10008 in 13 frame unit (RU) encapsulation provided an unprecedented capacity, in each case support 24 -tbps, or each support 72 -tbps telecom standard 19 inch rack, both to achieve wire-speed performance.

ptx10008 equipped with custom Juniper ExpressPlus Silicon, provide predictable IP\/MPLS packet performance and function, eliminating the complex spectrum, you can in other core routers of deploy elaborate network processor unit (NPU) can be found in this phenomenon.

ptx10008 3 -tbps slot, can support 240, 100 in a single chassis gbe interface.With the aid of PTX10008, service providers can build smaller region label switching router (LSR), peer-to-peer networks, the Internet backbone and light aggregate application core architecture.As a result, the service provider for the first time through the optimization of core router performance to meet the demand of information flow and flexible deployment.

with super optimization design, PTX10008 limited equivalence and collaboration facilities, very suitable for space and pay attention to the center position of the space and power in the emerging markets.


high capacity and performance of

can be extended to 24 -tbps in individual case, divided into 1152 10 gbe, 288 100 288 40 gbe and gbe interface.Provide up to 3 -tbps slot, the juniper support ExpressPlus chip.

operational excellence

provides a set of IP\/MPLS service, consistent, low latency and mass line speed forward, in combination with meet the stringent service level agreement (SLA) for high reliability.Source packet routing (SPRING),

of the

network allows trusted source node specified packet forwarding path, shortest path and irregular.It can be used in the link or node failure, as using fast reroute (FRR) backup path.

SDN programmability

core service providers for the virtual innovation.Used together with NorthStar controller, PTX10008 optimized IP layer and transport layer, to help to realize the automatic operation and expansion.




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