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PTX1000 Fusion super core router

ptx1000 packet transmission routers provide high-density 10 gbe, 40 gbe and 100 gbe interface, apply to the core network and a distributed network applications, can satisfy the demand of Internet service providers and large volume content providers.

ptx1000 only occupies two rack units, it is the industry's first fixed core router configuration, enable service providers to systematically distributed peer in the network.It USES rich IP\/MPLS feature set and without sacrificing performance or deployment capabilities, this is the decision service provider total cost of ownership (TCO) of two core elements.

ptx1000 has 2.88 -tbps forward capacity, can support flexible interface configuration options, range using a four-channel small strengthening can be call waiting (QSFP +) branch of the module 288 10 GbE interface, 72 use QSFP + branch module, the speed of 40 Gbps of GbE interface and 24 use QSFP28 100 GbE interface.

and the other routers, PTX series PTX1000 by juniper ExpressPlus ™ custom chips support, can provide predictable IP\/MPLS packet performance and functionality.


performance and scalability

ptx1000 routers use juniper networks ExpressPlus strong characteristics of the chip, for service providers offer catch-up growth performance and scalability of the information flow requirements.

high availability

junos OS supports high availability (HA) features, but in the case of not interrupt network traffic for upgrades and changes.

the packet processing characteristics of

good processing characteristics can meet the challenges of the expanded network, and optimize the IP\/MPLS transmission characteristics in order to achieve superior performance.Compact form


of its small size makes PTX1000 extremely province space, can meet the peer Internet switch points, co-location, center and regional network requirements, particularly suitable for emerging markets.




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