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QFX10000 high-performance network switch

industry leading QFX10000 switch series formed the basis of highly scalable, high density network, support the most demanding requirements today data center and cloud environment, including the large and medium-sized data centers, private and public clouds.

with the help of juniper networks build custom ASIC, high-performance, highly diversified throughput QFX10000 switches are available from 3 -tbps expanded to 96 -tbps, protect the necessary capacity to provide long-term investments.

moreover, QFX10000 has the industry's highest 100 gbe port density (up to 480) in each frame, can help you to the data center network from the existing 10 gbe and 40 seamless extension to 100 gbe gbe architecture, so as to keep synchronization with growing demand.

qfx10000 switch design can adapt to the future chipset upgrade, with up to 200 -tbps throughput, support 400 gbe interface (when available) in the future.

qfx10000 series consists of four kinds of models, flexible solution for each data center and application:

qfx10002-72 q is a fixed configuration platform, with 2 u specifications for up to 24 100 gbe interface, 72 gbe interface 40 or 288 10 gbe interface.QFX10002-36 q is a fixed configuration platform, with 2 u specifications support up to 12 100 gbe interfaces, 36 gbe 40 or 144 10 gbe interface.QFX10008 is a kind of 8 slot modular system, within a chassis support up to 240 100 gbe interfaces, 40 gbe port 288 or 1152 10 gbe port.QFX10016 is a kind of high density, 16 slot modular rack, support up to 480 of the 100 100 gbe interface, 40 gbe port or 10 gbe port 2304.

qfx10000 switches is Junos Fusion architecture, the basis of this new method based on standard can create highly extensible open exchange of array.Junos Fusion significantly simplify the data center and cloud deployment, at the same time reduce the management overhead.

qfx10000 switch design used for a variety of other network architecture with the array of general building blocks, can provide you with the highest flexibility, and ensure that you shall never be limited to, proprietary solutions.This architectural flexibility allows QFX10000 switches can be run in a variety of network environment, including the third layer of the trunk and vane Clos structure and adopting many case link aggregation of juniper networks (MC LAG) 2\/3 layer network.


industry leading extension

the expansion of the industry leading ability (as high as 96 -tbps, the future can be extended to more than 200 -tbps) can protect your investment in the business and traffic growth.

no performance trade-offs

multidimensional performance can not only improve your application performance, and can eliminate physical, logical, and overlay network performance in a conflict.

seamless transition of more than

generations extension ability through support from 10 gbe seamless transition to 40 gbe, 100 gbe, even 400 gbe provide investment protection in the future.

architecture flexibility for L2 and L3 network structure of L3 and MC LAG, to provide customers with comprehensive architecture flexibility.


high-performance custom chip support the depth buffer, to ensure the quality of service.Juniper networks

Q5 ASIC chip

juniper networks design, can deal with data center of trunk and aggregation severe challenge.

precision time protocol support

financial transactions and inhibits PTP support timestamp data packets, with the aid of juniper networks cloud analysis engine to realize precise network analysis.




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