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QFX5100 and QFX5110 10GbE 40GbE 100GbE Switches Juniper Networks

QFX5100 extensible layer 2 \/ layer 3 switches series (including 10\/40 gbe QFX5100 and 10\/40\/100 gbe QFX5110) for application delivery is optimized, with a series of applicable to the powerful features of the virtual data center.

qfx5100 and QFX5110 data center exchange platform for a variety of matrix structure provides a common building blocks.They are mixed with juniper networks 1\/10\/40\/100 gbe cluster exchange, exchange of cluster array and Junos Fusion architecture.QFX5100 QFX5110 switches also support and Open architecture, such as the trunk and leaf structure, the structure of the layer 3 and the Open IP Clos matrix.

qfx5100 and QFX5110 switches by allowing unity not interrupt service software upgrades (ISSU) provides high availability data center operations.They also support virtualization network environment, including juniper networks Contrail and VMware NSX layer 2 gateway service.

7 kinds of switches available models are as follows:

7 qfx5110-48 s, a 10 gbe switches, provides 48 SFP + port and four QSFP28 port, can be configured to gbe 40 or 100 gbe port.QFX5110-32 q, a 40 gbe switches, provide 32 QSFP 20 QSFP + + port or ports and four QSFP28.QFX5100-48 s, a 10 gbe switches, provide 48 dual mode of small pluggable (SFP) and SFP +) transceiver port and six four-channel small pluggable enhanced (QSFP +) 40 gbe port.QFX5100-48 t, a 10 gbe switches, with 48 three-speed gbe (100 Mbps \/ 1\/10 gbe) RJ ports and six QSFP + 45.QFX5100-24 q, a 40 gbe switches, support up to 32 QSFP + port.QFX5100-24 q AA, a high-performance 40 gbe switches, support 4 x40gbe extension module based on FPGA, with custom logic, support to accelerate the computation intensive, delay sensitive, mission-critical applications.QFX5100-96 s, a 10 gbe switches, provide 96 dual mode SFP and SFP + port and eight four-channel QSFP + 40 gbe port.

in order to increase the flexibility, can use QSFP + to SFP + direct copper (DAC) or QSFP + to SFP + optical divider cable and optical fiber cable will QFX5100 and QFX5110 QSFP + port on the switch model used for 4 to 10 gbe port.In addition, still can use on the branch cable will QFX5110 QSFP28 port configuration for 4 to 10 gbe port, thus providing additional configuration flexibility.

on the edge of the fusion of server access environment, QFX5100 switches can be deployed as a standard Ethernet fibre channel (FCoE) relay switch, in order to protect the customer at the center of the existing data aggregation and fiber channel storage area network (SAN) infrastructure investments.

qfx5100 function

throughput and capacity

throughput and capacity as high as 2.56 -tbps and 1.44 Bpps respectively, can maintain a low delay and low jitter exchange of line speed, and all properties of layer 2 and layer 3.

redundant power supplies and cooling

redundant power supplies and cooling to ensure high availability.

independent control plane and data plane

separate control plane and data plane can provide maximum system availability.

server and Network virtualization

media access control (MAC) using a large table in the server and Network virtualization support in VMware virtualization can realize large-scale deployment, including juniper networks Contrail is used to select models, while the Junos Space Network Director for combining Network.

energy saving of energy efficiency can reduce carbon emissions and operating expenses.

network automation

python, Chef, Puppet, and rich automation features such as automatic deployment (ZTP) can reduce errors, improve the SLA and improve employee's work efficiency.

high availability

independent of the topology of uninterrupted service software upgrades (TISSU) technology enables network administrators to perform in a few minutes comprehensive system software upgrade, without any downtime.




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