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QFX5200 Data Center Switch Juniper Networks

qfx5200 Ethernet switch provides a platform for low latency, high density of line speed, can be used to build the ridge vane IP data center network structure.The switch provides flexible 10 gbe, 25 gbe, gbe 40, 50 gbe and 100 gbe interface for server and connection structure, provides the deployment of generality for the network investment for the future security.

qfx5200 is a compact 1 U platform, provide 32 QSFP + or QSFP28 port, using 3.2 -tbps high throughput packet forwarding engine.1.8 GHz Intel quad-core CPU and 16 gb of memory can further improve the performance of the control plane.Like other QFX series switches,

QFX5200 support advanced layer 2 and layer 3 and MPLS function.Using QFX5200 can build large-scale, high-density IP structure, 25 gbe support to upgrade to the server, network, virtualization, and based on the practice test scale of Internet technology of intelligent traffic forwarding.

version of the Junos OS qfx5200 also supports decomposition, allowed to run in parallel, process control and data plane and function make the best use of high-performance quad-core CPU.], bodyCap: 3,


high-density IP switching matrix

support 32 QSFP + 1 U platform or QSFP28 port, can be in the data center provides a solid base to build high-density IP structure.

flexible connection option

flexible 10 gbe, 25 gbe, gbe 40, 50 gbe and 100 gbe connection option provides deployment versatility and investment protection.

open Junos architecture based on standard

by decomposing the Junos OS software version standard Junos Linux kernel open access allows the user to install third-party Linux RPM packages, and the use of center of resource management and programmable API to create visitors container and VM.

rich automation function

rich automation features include automatic deployment (ZTP) and supports Python, Chef, Puppet, and other programming languages.

high availability

independent of the topology of uninterrupted service software upgrades (TISSU) and quick reboot to ensure network high availability in the process of updating the switches.

network analysis

juniper networks cloud analysis engine support active application and flow path analysis, real-time monitoring and the analysis of the network stream processing.

rich overlay network support can expand

virtual LAN (VXLAN) gateway by VMware NSX and OpenContrail controller through the OVSDB, EVPN VXLAN and MPLS and GRE management, can provide a rich overlay network support.

senior Junos OS features

Junos OS making switches can support advanced network resources, such as add a path, BGP MPLS, L3 VPN, 6 PE and Ethernet fibre channel (FCoE).




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