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SBR operator

SBR operator is based on the standard AAA server, can make the service provider will be the integration of business intelligence to the network infrastructure.It supports VPN, xDSL, FTTH, dial

, 3 GPP, WiMAX, UMA\/Femtocell and WLAN (802.1 x) and so on a variety of access methods, with more than 1000000 subscribers can support after the extension of network, and provide the reliability of the practice test.

centralized authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) and the subscriber management can ensure compliance with security policies, seamless operation can simplify deployment and operation.SBR operators integrate existing subscriber management system, existing AAA solution can be integrated into a single centralized AAA server.

SBR operators that integrates the existing LDAP, SQL, the Home Location Register (HLR) and public key infrastructure (PKI) database, through the custom, can grasp the unique business opportunities and meet the regulations and technical requirements.]Characteristics, bodyCap: 3,



support network billing and management support and net subscribers of charging and management, and integrated system of the RADIUS.

extensive database support

support for multiple database format.SBR can never extensibility,

to 50000

subscribers expanded to more than 1000000 subscribers.


custom characteristics meet the demands of all business intelligence can make the SBR.

AAA integrated

broad access to technical support for the RADIUS server can be integrated into general AAA\/server platform behind.

to enhance the network security by enhancing network security to provide centralized AAA and the subscriber management, to ensure compliance with security policy.




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