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SRC Series Session and Resource Control Module


SRC session control module and resources for service providers to offer a dynamic network resource allocation solution, let them can provide differentiated products and services.SRC series modules provide feedback loop between applications, users and network, connected to the service layer and network layer.

, regardless of where the demand open interface allows any network integration and service products.Service providers also can use this network resource allocation solution dynamically add active service, based on the existing network infrastructure to create new revenue.Series

SRC software modules for each service implementation of fine dynamic strategy, which based on the existing session delivery service revenue.These modules can be connected directly with the existing subscriber management database, so the available network resources can be mapped to the subscriber and service configuration file.

SRC series software module can provide prepackaged for service providers of special strategy and control solutions, in order to realize the predictable performance and scalability.


SRC policy engine

SRC policy engine maintenance, network and service configuration information, in order to support automation, based on the strategy of services and the subscriber configuration.

SRC Diameter gateway

SRC Diameter gateways provide the Diameter interface, support the SRC PE equipment implementation characteristics and permission to control access to resources (A RACF), for the session initiation protocol (SIP) service allocation strategy.


gateway (SRC SG) using SOAP provides simple, intuitive, and based on the standard interface, so that other applications with SRC module integration.

SRC SRC data tracking application data tracking application based on the number of fine grain, can be configured by the customer and the duration of the threshold to track the subscriber, session, and application, to support the fair use of resources.

threat of SRC transfer portal

threat of SRC transfer portal (SRC TMP) can be used with juniper router, to detect and combat threats.

flexible service activation

SRC software based on the identity and the application of the subscriber self-service options.These features support the mass customization service and help build a stronger customer relationships.




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