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SRX1500 Data Center & Enterprise Firewall

a secure connection can be expanded to protect your important assets, lay a foundation to achieve business growth.SRX1500 service gateway provides the connectivity, to help your business achieve goals.Whether to launch new services and applications, to connect to the cloud, meet the requirements of compliance and improve operational efficiency, SRX1500 series can make your network scalability and security and easier to manage.

srx1500 is a high performance of safety equipment, can protect the distributed park place and used for small and medium-sized enterprise data center outside the firewall.The hardware and software architecture of the

srx1500 combination cabinet 1 U shape can be used to provide high performance.SRX1500 execution ultrafast firewall and intrusion protection operation, can further protect the end user's device.The performance of the firewall in different application configuration file and use mode.Unified threat management (UTM), and intrusion prevention system (IPS) function to intrusion detection, implementation strategy and take the initiative to ease the threat easier, so as to improve the user experience and applications.

srx1500 service gateway optimized, can achieve the following advantages:

protection enterprise data center periphery area or has as many as 2000 users of distributed enterprise park site reduce delay-sensitive deterministic environment (such as financial services network) flow processing time let users can easily review network and equipment to ensure the compliance of

srx1500 provides 12 1 gbe RJ 45 port, 4-1 gbe SFP port, 4 10 gbe SFP + port, and 2 physical interface module (PIM) slot, so as to realize the connection of extensible, safety capability.Provides 1 gbe port, specialized for out-of-band management control, high availability, and the former and the airflow.

by Juno Space Security Director platform centralized management of geographically dispersed SRX1500 gateway.High-performance operating system (such as Junos OS), the diversity of fault-tolerant hardware and interface speed, make SRX1500 protection distributed enterprise network, campus, regional headquarters and the best choice for small and medium sized data center network.

srx1500 also support juniper networks Sky high threat defense, the latter is a cloud-based services, the threat of sustainable to adapt to the changing environment to provide dynamic prevent malicious software solutions.

to resist the command and control (C&C) related botnet and Web application threats, SRX1500 series according to the source of juniper networks provide GeoIP data, using integrated security intelligence and strategy implementation.Due to juniper networks is committed to open standards, users can use a custom source and third-party source senior defense malware and other threats.

srx1500 function

high-end mouth density

flexible offers a variety of Ethernet interface for high density board load port speed.


through redundant fault-tolerance hardware and components (such as power supply) to provide fault tolerance features.Operator level reliability from the Junos OS system and network of sustainability.


to provide users with automation and centralized safety management characteristics of the machine and machine automation and centralized network security management, so as to simplify the geographically dispersed sites between the deployment and maintenance.


to provide comprehensive security protection, including more than Gb firewall, through the Spotlight provide security intelligence, based on the GeoIP data Secure strategy implementation, UTM (including IPS, application security, anti-virus, anti-spam and Web filtering), NAT, DoS and QoS.

network subsection

support network segmentation, allows administrators to customize security and strategy.

easy-to-use GUI

including native GUI is easy to use, can provide a separate device.




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