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SRX300 Enterprise Firewall


srx300 service gateway to provide a new generation of networking and security solutions, can help you support your cloud ready enterprise network's changing needs.Both across multiple locations to launch new services and applications, to connect to the cloud or improve operational efficiency, SRX300 series can provide scalable, safe and easy to manage connection.

with the increase of network traffic, SRX300 platforms provide high-density native one billion bit Ethernet ports to provide a secure connection, help you to follow the trend.The next generation of firewall and unified threat management (UTM) function also makes detection and take the initiative to ease the threat easier, so as to improve the user experience and applications.

offers four SRX300 service gateway model in response to different environmental safety requirements:

  • SRX300: with 300 Mbps 1 Gbps of IPsec VPN firewall.The device in a cabinet without fan desktop device combines the safety, routing, switching and WAN connection, is to have as many as 50 users the ideal choice for retail office.

  • srx320: with 300 Mbps 1 Gbps of IPsec VPN firewall.This compact desktop equipment has high performance security, routing, switching and WAN connection, applicable to have as many as 50 users place small, distributed enterprises.In

  • srx340:1 U shape with 600 Mbps 3 Gbps of IPsec VPN firewall.Safety is a blend of the compact equipment, routing, switching and WAN connections, can meet with as many as 100 users place of medium, distributed enterprise demand.In

  • srx345:1 U shape with 800 Mbps 5 Gbps IPsec VPN firewall.This device can be up to 200 users to place the largest distributed enterprises to provide a secure connection.

    srx300 service gateway in physics, network and application level operation, in order to protect from small to medium or large retail office branch offices of the locations distributed enterprise's safety.SRX300 geographically dispersed throughout the network platform, can use Junos Space Security Director centralized deployment and management platform, to manage the entire Security infrastructure to provide a "single management platform".], bodyCap: 2,

    next generation firewall

    srx300 function characteristics of the next generation of firewall can protect and improve the user experience with the service.

    comprehensive security protection includes more than

    Gb of firewall, through the Spotlight Secure the safety of the intelligence, using GeoIP data policy enforcement, IPS, AppSecure, firewall control based on roles, antivirus, NAT, DoS and QoS.


    UTM function of integrated support site specific security Settings, and installed the adaptive characteristics of expanding, can quickly activate so as to realize the "zero" convenient, instant protection.

    network subsection

    network segmentation allows you to area, VLAN and IPsec VPN custom strategy, and virtual router can be used for internal, external and DMZ subgroups.

    easy-to-use GUI

    native GUI includes automatic deployment, firewall policy management and centralized management of the IPsec and NAT VPN deployment.

    simple deployment

    provides the machine and machine automation and centralized network security management, so as to simplify the geographically dispersed sites between the deployment and maintenance.




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