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SRX3400 Server Farm Firewall Juniper Networks

srx3400 service gateway is very suitable for large enterprises and the public sector and service provider networks.It can in small and medium sized server and hosting site protection and segmented data center network infrastructure, aggregation, senior security services, and implement the unique according to the regional security strategy.Srx3400

is a new generation of security platform, within 3 u medium specification provides market leading performance, scalability, and service integration.It supports up to 30 Gbps of firewall, 8 Gbps 8 Gbps IPsec VPN, firewall and IPS or with as many as 175000 new connections per second.

integrated security intelligence provide adaptive threat protection, resist the command and control (for C&C) related botnet and Web application threats, can also be based on the juniper networks provide the GeoIP data source implementation of the strategy.Customers can also be your own custom and third-party source for defense advanced malware and other threats.

based on the innovation in the middle of the plane design and the dynamic of deep bo network service architecture, the SRX series 3000, reset the performance standard of the enterprise and service provider environment.


comprehensive security protection includes more than

Gb of firewall, through the Spotlight Secure provided by the use of GeoIP data security intelligence, strategy implementation, IPS, AppSecure, firewall control based on roles, antivirus, NAT, DoS and QoS.


UTM function of integrated support site specific security Settings, and installed the expanding adaptive function, can be quickly activated to achieve convenient, instant protection "zero".

powerful routing engine

powerful RE can separate data plane and control plane, to allow the deployment of integrated routing and safety equipment.

operator level reliability

elastic to ensure redundancy system and network hardware and components and Junos OS software reliability level of operators.

interface flexibility

interface flexibility can meet the requirements of any network.

network subsection

network segmentation allows administrators to customize security and strategy.

can be extended

extensible support additional service performance, and won't downgrade.




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