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SRX4000 Services Gateway Enterprise Firewall


srx4000 service gateway to provide you with protection of a new generation of services and applications of integrated security and network function.These gateways are specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprise and data center.They also can be used as a security router and VPN concentrator.

srx4000 service gateway set a new paradigm in terms of price and performance, realized to the safety of the hybrid cloud migration at the same time.

srx4000 series has two kinds of models, each model are provided in compact 1 u platform market leading performance, scalability and security service:

srx4100 support up to 20 Gbps IMIX and 5 Gbps of next generation firewall performance.SRX4200 support as much as 40 Gbps IMIX and 10 Gbps of next generation firewall performance.

two model also provides eight to 10 gbe reinforced small pluggable (SFP) +) port on the front panel.

srx4100 and SRX4200 also support juniper networks Sky Advanced -- kyoui Prevention, the latter is a cloud-based services, the Threat of sustainable to adapt to the changing environment to provide dynamic prevent malicious software solutions.

to resist the command and control (for C&C) related botnet and Web application threats, SRX4000 series according to the source of juniper networks provide GeoIP data fused security intelligence and strategy implementation.Due to juniper networks is committed to open standards, users can use a custom source and third-party source senior defense malware and other threats.]Characteristics, bodyCap: 4,


senior Threat against

senior Threat protection including Sky Advanced -- kyoui Prevention against malicious software protection, Spotlight Secure security intelligence, strategy implementation based on the GeoIP data, UTM (including IPS, application security (AppSecure), based on user roles of firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, and Web filtering), NAT and QoS.And the safety of the public cloud between


the vSRX on the Amazon Web Services, you can use the rich VPN functions connected with the safety of the public cloud.

junos Space Security Director

Junos Space Security Director to provide the infrastructure used to manage the whole safety integrated solutions, including the next generation of SRX series physical firewall and the cloud vSRX.

the performance of the industry leading

high efficiency design and low power consumption, to reduce the overall total cost of 1 U provides industry leading performance in the platform.




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