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Security Director Network Security Management

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in today's complex and rapidly changing environment, you need to insight into network and threatening behavior to keep the powerful security situation.Only quickly understand the threats and corresponding remedy, security team to ensure the safety of the company.

junos Space Security Director through an intuitive and centralized interface provides Security policy management functions, so that you can cross the risk of emerging and traditional vector to carry out the Security policy.Through the use of intuitive dashboard and reporting functions, you can know all kinds of threat, by the invasion of equipment, a risk applications, and so on.

as in Junos Space application running on a platform, the Security Director within the entire network provide administrators with a wide range of safety management and refinement strategy control.It can help the team quickly including state firewall, security and intelligence management, unified threat management (UTM), intrusion prevention system (IPS), AppFW, VPN, and network address translation (NAT), a security policy all phases of the life cycle.

Security Director of strategy implement key function and juniper networks Sky Advanced -- kyoui Prevention (ATP) cloud are used together to deliver malware detection function, can strengthen the unified management.Policy enforcement apparatus using Sky ATP collection and reporting of information to understand and quickly respond to new threats.Using this information, the policy enforcement can automatically update strategy and deployment of new implementation rules to the firewall and switch, isolating and track the infected host to avoid infection threat again.], bodyCap: 3,


centralized safety management

through a single interface allows you to focus on configuration and management application security, firewalls and security and intelligence, and VPN, IPS and NAT security strategy.

policy definition and implementation of

allows you to define and implement strategies, used to control the use of a particular application, such as Facebook and embedded social networking widgets.Series

automated strategy implementation in covering

SRX firewall, EX and QFX switches, and the third party network switch used in heterogeneous network environment consistent threat to remedy.

extensible security policy allows you to

across multiple SRX series firewall extended security policies, and on a single SRX series equipment managing multiple LSYS instance.

network infrastructure optimization

help the IT team to optimize the network infrastructure, through an open, secure Junos Space integrated function of network management platform to support safety management innovation.

automatically detect new threats and new threat detection via the policy enforcement and implementation strategy to the deployment of new firewall and switch.

automated security policy

and make full use of automated security policy, in order to improve the accuracy, consistency, and compliance.Integrated Log records and reports of


by Junos Space Log Director application integration to provide a detailed report and Log function.




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