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Security Identity Management System

to protect access to corporate data is one of your top security event.Can direct access to the internal staff can circumvent the weaker data user control.In order to ensure the safety of the company's resources, must move across the enterprise, management and implementation of user access to services and cloud.

juniper networks identity management service for users to access authentication and enterprise security restrictions.This is to prevent the company in violation of the first line of defense behavior and protect company assets.Position after identification assigned company employees, the company will determine whether they have the right to access applications and data.

juniper networks identity management service and the SRX series next generation firewall seamless integration, make the security team to application activity and safety strategy matching with user roles, then generate detailed user indicators and audit report, is used to provide a detailed report.

fine users and policy control

juniper refinement of the subscribers on the network identity management service and policy control the user directly and they have the right to access a specific application and resource binding, and awarded the security team to define permissions.Repeatedly tried to access is not allowed to access the company's resources users will be stopped.Attempted violations will be recorded for further investigation.

data breaches defense

can direct access to valuable internal personnel may damage the data resources and not be found.Juniper network identity management service has a highly extensible user identity management systems, traceability and to prevent unauthorized users access to company resources, prevent data leakage.

regulatory compliance and auditing

juniper network identity management services in accordance with PCI DSS, SOX, HIPPA and other laws and regulations, automatically provide detailed audit records to prove compliance process.], bodyCap: 3,


visibility and control of

to ensure that the user can access only have permission to access corporate resources, and accelerate to notify users violating the rules.

based on the user's strategy based on the user's security strategy, help to create fine security strategy and implementation.

authentication system integration with Active Directory and LDAP authentication system closely integrated.Series

SRX firewall integrated with

SRX firewall seamless integration, provide highly extensible user identification and implementation.




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