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Sky Advanced Threat Prevention

juniper networks Sky Advanced -- kyoui Prevention (ATP) using cloud of real-time information to provide protection against malicious software to your enterprise, and resist the complex network crime, such as Advanced persistent threats and blackmail software.

threat in today's rapid development of the situation more than a lot of the effectiveness of security solutions.New malware activity, every day in danger lurks in well-written phishing emails.

in addition to anti-virus and anti-spam tools, Sky provides an additional layer of protection, ATP by malware detection has never seen the attachment before they attack, to block and defense will extend beyond the traditional security solution.Regardless of your email server is managed internally, clouds or migrate to Office 365, Sky ATP can in cyber attacks on its launch will prevent attack.

sky ATP and the SRX series next generation firewall integration, can provide deep inspection, inline intercept and reliable warnings.Through the use of machine learning, Sky ATP continues to analysis the hidden malicious software Web files and E-mail.

sky ATP identification technology used in a variety of advanced technology to quickly detect and prevent network attacks.They include:

powerful machine learning algorithms.Adopting dynamic analysis of various technique for coaxing malicious software activation and self recognition.Fast cache lookup, used to accelerate the malware before recognition.Based on the anti virus signature of engine, is used to identify the known file.Static analysis, is applied to the analysis of software code to identify the possible dangerous debris.

if you are just starting, juniper network professional service will be happy to help you deploy our Sky ATP JumpStart services, to provide on-site professional knowledge and training to ensure that your implementation fast, smooth and efficient.Function based on the analysis of the cloud

to extract the damaged file, send it to the cloud, senior malware analysis to produce safety.

malware instant recognition

rapid detection of malicious software, and transfer the conclusion to the SRX series firewalls to prevent the attack.

rich report and analysis of

provides a Web interface, used to perform administrative tasks, including configuration and product updates, and provide abundant reports and analysis tool, was used to understand risk and invasion of the host.

system isolation invasion of

will be the information related to feed into the SRX series, firewall to isolate the affected system.

Spotlight Secure integration and juniper networks Spotlight Secure threat intelligence service communication, will threaten information cascade to the SRX series firewall, for immediate action.

command and control data of

to the SRX series firewall provide command and control data, guard against invasion of internal system to communicate with the affected devices.

email analysis and remedial

find and isolate malicious software, so as to avoid the email is used as a medium of attack.E-mail traffic, machine learning algorithms analysis to detect malicious attachments, and the firewall to prevent file.

threat intelligence

using powerful open API to seamlessly integrate with the third party suppliers, to provide you with more threat intelligence source, reduce your attack surface.




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