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Spotlight Secure threat intelligence platform

along with the rapid development of threat environment evolution, the security industry constantly to respond through a variety of new detection technology.Unfortunately, this method leads to difficult to manage customers desultorily, co-ordinated security tools, leading to a gap between detection and firewall implementation.Many of the new generation of firewall (NGFW) including integrated functions, such as intrusion prevention system (IPS), antivirus signatures and proprietary source of reputation, but they belong to a closed system, cannot make full use of customer use highly diversified, specific to each industry source of the third party and custom.

spotlight Secure threat information platform can be aggregated from multiple sources of threat source, the SRX series service gateway to the entire group provides open, integrated and reliable information, so as to meet these challenges and constraints.These sources include juniper networks based on the threat of cloud service provides the source, the threat of a third party source and customers may be deployed various threat detection technology.Administrators can through a single centralized management Junos Space Security Director to define all of the source of the implementation of the strategy.


open, customizable intelligence platform

can use the threat of juniper network optimized source (for C&C\/botnet, GeoIP and global attacker fingerprint data) as well as custom strategy implementation source or a third party.

extensible Security

available Junos Space Security Director, at the same time to the thousands of SRX series firewall application Security intelligence strategy.

high threat data capacity

SRX series is the only firewall support more than one million source entry, source of these items can be used in the juniper networks and\/or clients.Effective protection of


is only the latest and the most relevant information will be sent to the SRX series firewall, to maximize resource utilization, to ensure rapid implementation, reduce false positives.The threat of each threat rating support based on the severity of the strategy.

operating efficiency

security Director provide firewall policy, threat information source and the implementation of the state of the single management platform, and the latest aggregation threat information can be automatically combined assets across the firewall implementation.

customizable protection

users have more than one option is used to monitor and prevent specific location and information flow, and on its own and third-party data source using whitelists and blacklists.




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