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TCX1000 programmable ROADM

as a juniper networks programmable photonic layer open circuit system is an important part of the solution, TCX1000 programmable ROADM formed open, programmable, packet basis of optical transmission network.

tcx1000 programmable ROADM is colorless, no direction, Flex grid ready reconfigurable optical multiplexing multiplexer (ROADM), 25.6 per line per second can be extended to the highest TB, so as to provide long-term investment protection and support a variety of optical packet network cases.

tcx1000 programmable ROADM is designed as an open platform from the beginning, it from photon transport layer decomposition line system, so that you have the time selection and deployment is most suited to your network needs and budget repeater juniper networks or a third party.

tcx1000 programmable ROADM control software and hardware's for complete separation, which is unique in juniper networks.This design allows you to modify the control plane, and a far in excess of the main circuit system of simplicity, flexibility and service continuity.

TCX1000 programmable ROADM and TCX1000 amplifier and channel multiplexing equipment used in combination, can improve the programmable photonic layer solution.All hardware associated with TCX1000 by juniper networks open fiber management and control platform based on the micro service proNX Optical Director management.

as a massive extensible foundation of optical transmission network packets TCX1000 programmable ROADM is more ideal supplement, juniper networks solutions including data center interconnection, metro aggregation, the bottom of the ocean terminal type super core transmission back and fusion.


to adapt to the direction of the future

colorless, no function, flexible grid ROADM, designed to support the 100 Gbps, 200 Gbps, 400 Gbps and data rate in the future.

large-scale extension

provides 25.6 -tbps line capacity, interconnection (DCI) is a data center the high-growth ideal network cases.


open and programmable design support proNX Optical Director open API, which can realize high flexibility, high efficiency of the circuit system management and control.

high availability hardware

NEBS standard system, with field replaceable power equipment and the central processing unit.




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