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The ACX2200 supports only high-capacity Ethernet routers

environmental enhancement of compact ACX2200 general access router USES no passive cooling fan, only support Ethernet.Its fixed port configuration contains four copper 10\/100\/1000 Mbps interface, four copper\/optical fiber GbE port, two GbE SFP ports and two 10 GbE SFP + port, thus became the IP RAN the deployment of an ideal choice.

built-in service engine makes ACX2200 fully customizable, and comply with the demand of future LTE Advanced and 5 g.ACX2200 scalability and reliability can improve customer satisfaction, for service providers and enterprises reduce the operation, maintenance and update the total cost of network infrastructure.

ac x series general access router is a new generation of access router series products, three times the total throughput of rival solution, can satisfy the urgent needs of the new network.The router provides a seamless, end-to-end service delivery platform, according to need to development, adapt to changing expectations and traffic demand of subscribers.


MEF CE 2.0 standard acx2200 support E

LINE, E LAN, E Tree and E Access service of MEF CE 2.0 standard.Automatic deployment of


by using the Junos Space Connectivity Service Director, rapid remote deployment can provide convenient management.


adaptive intelligent service architecture with intelligent operation, can make the access networks increase with the increase of business requirements.

flexible architecture

flexible architecture support carrier Ethernet, L2, L3, MPLS and traffic engineering, call access control (CAC) and simplify the service deployment and operations.

RFC2544 (generation and reflection) in

using automatic deployment (done) configuration, after the completion of testing based on RFC2544 can make operators flexibility to confirm whether a node has to be prepared for the service.

clock timing and synchronization technologies including SyncE and IEEE 1588-2008, and can achieve the highest quality of experience (QoE) users.

junos SDK

Junos SDK support custom easy deployment and integration with third-party applications and tools.

after the design of the environment to strengthen

USES the design of passive cooling and environmental enhancement is the ideal choice for outdoor and industrial deployment cases.




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