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Virtual router software

fully functional level operators vMX juniper networks for more than 17 years to accumulate professional and technical development in the field of virtual edge routing.VMX virtual router maintains the physical MX series 3 d full functions and operations of edge router in general consistency.It runs Junos operating system and compiler x86 chip programmable micro code for any partial or chipset.Provide advanced routing service, support

VMX provider edge, broadband network gateway, routing reflector and customer application equipment (CPE).VMX optional virtualization services greatly extend its application range.

VMX as licensed software, suitable for based on x86 servers, can be in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) market and AWS GovCloud access (USA).With the flexible deployment patterns, permanent fine-grained and subscription-based licensing model, vMX can reduce costs and risks associated with entering new markets.Allows you to start small, grow up quickly, and remain profitable.

NFV VMX function optimization environment for x86 and routing optimization operator level.

fast implementation services using virtualization technology fast

implementation services.

using current and future investment protection Junos OS and programmable for any partial or research and development results.

"on-demand purchase, gradual extension" permission to

with the help of a permanent fine-grained and subscription-based licensing model, flexible support, economic and efficient network scale.Simplify the operation of the


provide automation function and consistency of physical MX series product portfolio, can simplify the operation.

new service support

don't need to reconfigure the current routing infrastructure, can rapidly launch new services.

flexible deployment model

as licensed software, apply to the server based on x86, available in AWS market and AWS GovCloud access (USA), and can be run on NFX250.

of economic efficient improvement of laboratory environment laboratory extension ability, realize the reality function and release testing and certification.




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