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WANDL OSS, FCAPS management solution

wandl IP\/MPLSView is a kind of suitable for IP and\/or multiple suppliers, MPLS network protocol and multilayer operation support system (OSS) traffic management and traffic engineering solutions.IP\/MPLSView unique is focus on specific routing protocol behavior, has a wide range of multi-vendor library, and can support as many as thousands of router network scalability and outstanding performance.This integrated software suite with traffic engineering model, can deal with many kinds of single and concurrent equipment failure, and also support, MPLS traffic matrix forecast multiple path design, fast reroute design and network optimization, etc.In addition,

IP\/MPLSView is unique in the integration of network management module, to provide comprehensive fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) solution, thus providing automatic network, traffic monitoring, the hardware list, fault management and so on.


single platform

single platform support integrated online FCAPS management.More than

supplier integration support

fast network automatically discover more supplier integration.

incomparable extensibility

with unparalleled extensibility, domestic and intercontinental network topology processing area.

by adjust the network performance management, performance management to improve efficiency, improving the trend analysis and problem prevention.

strong conformity check

strong compliance checks to ensure compliance, meet the demand of any configuration management.Powerful tool for fault management

strong rapid detection and diagnosis in the network fault management tool.




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