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junosphere cloud

junosphere cloud is a kind of virtual environment, in which the user can create and run using the Junos operating system of the network.In which it by providing a design and build a network model of the laboratory to reduce cost and control risk.

in Junosphere create virtual network can be used for training, network modeling, a new service plan or check "what-if analysis" of the existing network scheme.They can easily implement other network simulation method can not realize the scale and level of accuracy.


junosphere cloud services in the form of service based on software sales, to provide "on-demand purchase, gradual extension" option, for users to use frequency is higher, can also according to the annual plan in the form of a purchase.When necessary, can be Junosphere cloud as Junosphere laboratory or Junosphere provide education classroom.

annual plan allows administrators to different user groups and projects assigned most and the least amount of resources, can also contain the overflow capacity when necessary.It also contains Junosphere and the connection between the physical environment.

Junosphere component

virtual Junos OS image provide Junosphere users of juniper networks deployed virtual machine on a physical routing device access.Junosphere connector supports Junosphere virtual network resources and the physical network elements directly to interoperate.Junos Space network automation application can be used in Junosphere cloud, in order to allocate a virtual environment, monitoring and configuration Junos OS image.]Characteristics, bodyCap: 4,


saas platform provides the highest limit of saas platform uptime and availability.

high extension

high extension support more network resources, can improve the accuracy of the network and the topology and reduce the ratio of students to the equipment.Pricing based on the demand of


based on the pricing according to time and will be allowed to purchase Junosphere access network size.

real operating system in real operating system let Junosphere user access to thousands of business network in the running of identical fully functional Junos OS.

flexible network design flexible network design includes a variety of network topology design options, including import from real-time network configuration wizard, graphical design and configuration based on the text.

flexibility and agility of

compared with the use of physical network, its flexibility and agility to support to modify, order, and faster deployment of virtual resources.

interoperability and integration supports interoperability and integration of virtual resources and the actual network interoperability.

perfect laboratory ecosystem

perfect laboratory ecological system in addition to support access to the Junos OS network elements, can also be used to access a variety of partners.




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