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proNX Optical Director

pronx Optical Director is a software platform, is used to manage and control the juniper networks programmable photonic layer open circuit elements in the system, and juniper networks based on coherent dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) transponder solutions, including series of BTI packet Optical platform and MX series routers, PTX series routers and exchange platform of integrated DWDM repeater QFX series.

pronx Optical Director based on high availability, high scalability based on micro service architecture, regardless of the application and the service is from juniper networks, your own software development team, or a third party, you can more easily and reliably be deployed, extension and integration.

pronx Optical Director is characterized by its centralized photonic layer control management.From juniper networks programmable photonic layer separation control plane light, you can be more frequent, flexible to modify the control plane, at the same time maintain service continuity, reduce the operating expenses, and fine-tune the transport layer performance.

is open and programmable proNX Optical Director mark, including with south NETCONF and telemetry API Web user interface, can easily implement configuration and service monitoring.North to the rich REST API standard type can help you to easily and economy will efficiently proNX Optical Director are integrated into the choreography and business support system\/operation support system (BSS\/OSS) layer.

by combining with NorthStar controller, proNX Optical Director in help you migrate to multilayer optimize network play an important role.ProNX Optical Director YANG model based on standard is adopted, the Optical fiber network topology can be exchanged by NorthStar, can help you to master photonic layer to layer 3, improve multilayer elastic and protection, and optimize the service deployment.], bodyCap: 2,

network control function decomposition of


to ensure easy and flexible to modify the light control platform, and achieve excellence service continuity.

support based on micro service architecture is simple, fast integrated customer or third party applications, and network management and control method of extensible.

layers of visibility and coordination through the REST API

, YANG model based on standard seamless integration with NorthStar controller.

open network management can achieve

rich network programming ability, and can be arranged in the environment with open standard API to implement low cost integrated.




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