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proNX Service Manager Network Service Management

proNX Service Manager, taking advantage of the centralized proNX control software, for the operations team to provide comprehensive Service deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting tools.Using it, the user can use the intuitive GUI will be deployed to the network, the new resources quickly and easily complete a variety of daily operation and management tasks.Establish new end-to-end optical and Ethernet service just click of a mouse can complete, so you can greatly reduce usually jump one at a time period of configuration tasks associated with the risk of errors.In addition, you create new services needed time and energy will be drastically reduced.As proNX Service Manager simplifies many administrative tasks, these features greatly improve the operating efficiency.They also sped up the high value of service delivery speed, giving you the ability to meet changing needs.

proNX Service Manager introduced a full-featured north to RESTful API, the external application can take full advantage of proNX engine power.You can integrate your operational\/business support systems (OSS\/BSS) and\/or CRM system, in order to check and control the service for the final customers.Through this way to enhance the ability of the customer, not only can increase revenue, provide service by shortening the time, but also can reduce operating costs (by unloading service activation tasks).Juniper networks is to use the RESTful API to

to expand our application to our customers, such as proNX Service Manager package accompanying proNX Dashboard.ProNX Dashboard allows network operations team to directly access the real-time data inside the network operations center, or use the quick response of the Web client from its tablet or smartphone remote direct access to these data.ProNX Dashboard also allows for the comprehensive utilization rate of access to data, in order to plan for the future extension services and resources.]Characteristics, bodyCap: 2,


embedded programmability programmable and automation and automation to reduce the cost of daily continuing operations and complexity, shorten the service time at the same time.

features comprehensive graphical client

features a full graphical client including end-to-end service activation, eliminates the configuration errors, optimize the resource usage.

intuitive dashboard

intuitive dashboard view can be further check the state of network elements, so that you can quickly solve the problem, to achieve highly reliable service levels.

optical and packet domain scope management

pronx Service Manager application to MX, PTX, QFX and BTI series provides overall optical Service deployment, fault and performance monitoring and troubleshooting.




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