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vSRX Integrated Virtual Firewall

organizations are gradually the workload migrated to the cloud, in order to make full use of advantages of virtualization but migration to the cloud brings new security requirements.Can cross into vSRX virtual firewall, private cloud, public and hybrid cloud provide scalable security protection.

VSRX with virtualization provides appearance and the function of the same physical SRX series firewall, to provide security services can be extended according to network requirements.It provides the same functionality with SRX devices, including core firewall, stable network, next generation function comprehensively, and automated lifecycle management.VSRX can provide up to 100 Gbps, virtual firewall is the fastest in the industry.

VSRX support juniper networks Contrail, OpenContrail and third-party software definition network (SDN) solution, and can be integrated with cloud orchestration tools such as it.Junos Space Security Director and strategy implementation support the implementation of automated Security, make you can through a common interface to realize the unity of physical and virtual assets management and visibility.

in the private cloud deployment, private cloud vSRX can defend your network within the boundary between the virtual machine, a senior threat of lateral spreading.It provides a dynamic workload with extensible application security, and protect critical business applications from known and unknown threats, also support the VMware ESXi, NSX and KVM\/it (Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat) private cloud.

public cloud

VSRX virtual firewall that can help you to expand private cloud seamless to public cloud environment, thus security easily migrate data and workload.As the VPN gateway, vSRX for remote users to provide secure access to its workload.As a segment gateway, vSRX by using will help to keep the security and compliance application strategy to prevent lateral threat, to protect public cloud workload.VSRX available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) market, AWS GovCloud (USA), the Azure government and Microsoft Azure.

VSRX function

platform flexibility

support VMware ESXi, NSX and KVM (Centos, Ubuntu) platform, and through vRealize Orchestrator and it orchestrated.

public cloud workload protect

for AWS and Microsoft Azure workload on public clouds offer unparalleled protection.

comprehensive ease

integrated virtualization specific unified threat management (UTM), including antivirus, enhanced Web filtering, intrusion defense and deep bo network AppSecure 2.0 next generation firewall service.

network agility by

and Contrail, OpenContrail and third-party SDN solution integration, supporting software defined virtualization network (SDN) and function (NFV).

malware intercept

with juniper networks based on cloud Sky Advanced -- kyoui Prevention (ATP), can identify and senior quickly to prevent malicious software and attacks.

good performance and scalability can be extended to a maximum of 100

Gbps, across multiple deployment scenarios to achieve high performance.

key functions of automation

with the help of a powerful and versatile in the Junos OS API, you can use the REST API, NETCONF, Ansible and Vagrant tool to realize the automatic management and scheduling.

flexible licensing model

provides simple, flexible, and extensible licensing model, in order to meet the different needs of the business.




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